How climate is changing fast all over the world largely due to human activities

Climate refers to long-term fluctuations in the earth’s overall temperature with massive and permanent ramifications. Human activities have driven up the earth’s temperature and fundamentally changed the world around us. The main causes for the fast change in climate all over the world are the greenhouse effect, deforestation (cutting down of trees), increased use of motor vehicles and use of chlorofluorocarbons leads to global warming that is a rise in overall temperature of planet earth. Global warming leads to melting of glaciers which causes floods and a great destruction to human life and wildlife.

GREEN house effect

A greenhouse is normally something useful as it helps us grow things like tomatoes out of season that’s because it’s nice and warm inside a greenhouse. But it has adverse effects on our climate as the gases produced in the greenhouse such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and CFCs. Let the sunlight in but keep some of the heat from escaping the glass walls of a greenhouse. The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the more heats get trapped thus strengthening the greenhouse effect thus increasing the earth’s temperature.


Deforestation that is cutting down of trees is a great contributor to climatic changes. Trees are being cut down due to overpopulation, to make more land available for construction of roads and hotels, for agricultural expansion, to make paper from timber. Forests play a vital role in purifying the air and regulates the water cycle by evaporation and precipitation. Forests also absorb the radiant heat of the sun in the summer season thus reduces the heating effect. Most important of all Forests alleviate climate change by consuming the harmful greenhouse gases that fuel up global warming while breathing out by cutting down the trees, we will be unable to get all these advantages from the forests and hence failed to lower the temperature rise.

Excess use of motor vehicles

In this contemporary era, man is totally dependent upon motor vehicles. There are more vehicles on the road then humans. The vehicles emit very detrimental gases in the atmosphere which results in air pollution which ultimately leads upwards jostle in temperature and widespread of many harmful diseases such as asthma. So, we should use fewer vehicles as the emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide gives rise to global warming. We should walk more which will reduce pollution ultimately again to our health. use those vehicles which have catalytic converters fitted in them as they convert harmful gases into harmless gases causing less harm to our environment.


Chlorofluorocarbons are man-made chemicals that are very stable in the atmosphere. they are used in aerosol body sprays, refrigerators, sprays, and air conditioners. Due to their stability the CFCs rise in the stratosphere where they are broken down by ultraviolet rays. this causes them to release chlorine. It then reacts with oxygen and leads to the chemical destruction of the ozone layer. the release of chlorofluorocarbons is said to have depleted 80% of the ozone layer. harmful ultraviolet rays are entering directly in the atmosphere raising the temperature and changing the climate fastly all over the world.

While the rapid rate of climate change is caused by humans. Humans are also the ones who can combat it if we work to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources like solar and wind which do not produce greenhouse gas emissions. By doing this We might be able to prevent some of the worst effects of climate change all over the world.

Hubble Space Telescope Faces Inconvenience Because of the Gyroscope Failure.

Hubble Space Telescope

Before we talk about the conflict, the trouble this telescope had to go through, we first need to have a little understanding of the Hubble space telescope. As the name indicates, it is a space telescope that is very huge and fast. Hubble space telescope gives scientists all relatable information about the solar system by taking pictures of galaxies, stars, and planets.

The Gyroscope Failure

This telescope has undoubtedly added into our information of the universe, and the worth it holds in the eyes of the scientists is inestimable. The trouble began when NASA Hubble tweeted that the Hubble space telescope entered the safe mode due to gyroscope issue. This raised many arguments regarding the future of Hubble space telescope, as it held a great importance in the lives of the scientists.

This telescope consists of six gyroscopes that it uses to observe various things or activities in the space. Hubble can function properly without one gyroscope or even two. The use of three gyroscopes is a must for the most favorable outcomes, and the Hubble has been using three gyroscopes till now. But now because of the gyroscope failure, only two gyroscopes are available for functioning and at least three are required for proper functioning. This is where problem arrives.

Dr. Rachel Osten states that the news has been very stressful for the team and it caused a sense of worry for everyone. They are trying recover an already failed gyroscope in the past to replace it with the newly failed gyroscope. But sadly, this whole process would require a lot of time in order to be finished. Hence, the conclusion brought forward is that the telescope will have to stay in the safe mode until and unless the problem and sought out, and a reliable solution is found for it. The gyroscope failure has been very unpredicted, unplanned, and surprising for everyone. The real issue faced now is that how to overcome this failure. The team is trying its best to do something to get that favorable amount of gyroscopes in the telescope but it is not easy for them. According to doctor Oster, if it is not possible for the team or they are unable to get one gyroscope to replace it with the failed one, they will have to run the Hubble telescope with one gyroscope. Dr. Oster states that it is the only way to increase the life of the Hubble space telescope.

Back in 2009, all six gyroscopes of the Hubble space telescope were restored, and it was said that they would operate properly without causing any failure in the gyroscope up till 2015. NASA is still trying to replace the failed gyroscope. Because of many issues, it has announced its launch in 2021. According to the team of Hubble, the problem is very serious but not impossible. They will not lose hope and they will find a way to cope up with this issue.