Is the Golo weight loss program effective?

Over the course of time, weight gain, being overweight and obesity are the few of the things and diseases which are majorly frowned upon.

These may be ridiculed because of being against the norms of the society but you need to put that aside for a while and rethink over it. These are a serious health issue, leading to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart-related issues.

In extreme cases, a few diets are prescribed by registered nutritionist and dieticians, one of these diet plans is known as the Golo weight loss program.

What Is the GOLO Diet?

The GOLO Diet was developed to maintain a balance of hormone levels, raise metabolism which would then result in steady and efficient weight loss.

The diet is based upon low-glycemic index which consists of foods that do not increase blood insulin levels, can increase the rate of metabolism, burning of fat and in the result; weight loss.

The GOLO Diet ensures that the patients will be able to consume 20% to 30% more food than patients who are on a conventional weight loss diet through making healthier choices rather than restricting food intake to extreme extents.

The GOLO Diet also promotes the use of the GOLO Release supplement. This consists of a variety of herbal extracts and minerals that are supposed to help regulate your blood sugar levels, raise energy levels and reduce appetite.

The complete package comes with a guidebook, the GOLO Rescue Plan. This guidebook instructs you to make balanced, healthy meals using the foods you love based.

If you take membership along the complete package, you will be able to become a part of the GOLO plan’s online community.

This consists of cost-free meal plans, health assessments, support and motivation from not only the online coaches but also the members of the community. This also provides membership discounted packages.

Is it effective?

Since GOLO diet plan focusses on maintaining hormonal levels, promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating along with the use of their weight loss supplement, various experiments were carried out using these aspects in order to check the effectiveness of the GOLO weight loss program.

According to a study conducted on 35 overweight/obese individuals showed that with an exercise regimen and the GOLO Release supplement, diet, and behavioral changes resulted in a mean weight loss of 31 pounds.

Another study on 21 people resulted in a total of 53 pounds over 25 weeks by combining diet and exercise with GOLO Release.

However, since both the studies were carried by the forums which formulated the GOLO diet and supplement, there might be a huge chance of biased results.

It is also not confirmed which exact combination is helping in the weight loss, whether it is the combination of changed behavioral, healthy eating and exercise which is impacting the change or is the use of supplement helpful at all or not.

Thus, further research is required to minimize these factors.

How to increase Instagram followers fast

Instagram is a community of 1 billion people and there are 80% accounts following I that is related to business. It seems that marketer is using this photo sharing app more than another social network to get followers for their business. So if you are a marketer and you want to promote your business then you need to find effective ways to increase Instagram followers. Whether you are increasing your followers on your business account or on your personal account then read best strategies on how to increase Instagram followers. These strategies could help you to grow bigger following count on this dedicated-image sharing app.

Post content:

  • Post consistently
  • Try videos, live videos, and Stories
  • Collaborate with others
  • Cross-post
  • Share user-generated content

Post consistently

According to Tailwind (Visual marketing tool) study on 0.1 million Instagram account that frequent posting on Instagram account at least once in a day can enhance the engagement rate. This study also revealed that frequent posting brings more followers and likes in a very short period of time. Moreover, those people who post 7 or more post in a week get more like and followers quicker than those that post less often.

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Try videos, live videos, and Stories

However, Instagram is photo sharing app but later they introduced ephemeral videos (Instagram stories) like Snapchat and live videos (like its parent company Facebook). These videos disappear after 24-hours but it plays a crucial role when it comes to gain followers and get more likes. The average engagement of videos is more than images that you share on Instagram. Now, it a platform where you share your stories, videos, and live videos. That way, you can create a diverse kind of content over there that compel your viewers to follow your profile. Think out of the box and share more interesting and creative ideas in your videos with your audience, your content will definitely lure the audience and they will explore your more.

Collaborate with others

Collaboration always comes with more following growth and more post reach. Find the Influencers that are related to your industry and collaborate with them, either through sponsorships or partnerships.


If you have a good following count on other social networks, you can share your content with your existing fans. You can share your posts directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler from your Instagram account. It will not only give you more followers but also give you extra exposure.

Share user-generated content

When you create an account on Instagram for your business then the first thing that comes in your mind is how to increase Instagram followers fast by buying real active Instagram followers. Because if no one knows who you are then how could you get popularity. You need an idea that gives you sky-high acknowledgment among the audience. And, share user-generated content on your profile is the only thing that gives you a large percentage of audience growth in no time. All you need to take best and high-quality user content from the web and feature this content on your Instagram profile and other social networks as well. But don’t forget to give credit to the original creator.


How climate is changing fast all over the world largely due to human activities

Climate refers to long-term fluctuations in the earth’s overall temperature with massive and permanent ramifications. Human activities have driven up the earth’s temperature and fundamentally changed the world around us. The main causes for the fast change in climate all over the world are the greenhouse effect, deforestation (cutting down of trees), increased use of motor vehicles and use of chlorofluorocarbons leads to global warming that is a rise in overall temperature of planet earth. Global warming leads to melting of glaciers which causes floods and a great destruction to human life and wildlife.

GREEN house effect

A greenhouse is normally something useful as it helps us grow things like tomatoes out of season that’s because it’s nice and warm inside a greenhouse. But it has adverse effects on our climate as the gases produced in the greenhouse such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and CFCs. Let the sunlight in but keep some of the heat from escaping the glass walls of a greenhouse. The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the more heats get trapped thus strengthening the greenhouse effect thus increasing the earth’s temperature.


Deforestation that is cutting down of trees is a great contributor to climatic changes. Trees are being cut down due to overpopulation, to make more land available for construction of roads and hotels, for agricultural expansion, to make paper from timber. Forests play a vital role in purifying the air and regulates the water cycle by evaporation and precipitation. Forests also absorb the radiant heat of the sun in the summer season thus reduces the heating effect. Most important of all Forests alleviate climate change by consuming the harmful greenhouse gases that fuel up global warming while breathing out by cutting down the trees, we will be unable to get all these advantages from the forests and hence failed to lower the temperature rise.

Excess use of motor vehicles

In this contemporary era, man is totally dependent upon motor vehicles. There are more vehicles on the road then humans. The vehicles emit very detrimental gases in the atmosphere which results in air pollution which ultimately leads upwards jostle in temperature and widespread of many harmful diseases such as asthma. So, we should use fewer vehicles as the emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide gives rise to global warming. We should walk more which will reduce pollution ultimately again to our health. use those vehicles which have catalytic converters fitted in them as they convert harmful gases into harmless gases causing less harm to our environment.


Chlorofluorocarbons are man-made chemicals that are very stable in the atmosphere. they are used in aerosol body sprays, refrigerators, sprays, and air conditioners. Due to their stability the CFCs rise in the stratosphere where they are broken down by ultraviolet rays. this causes them to release chlorine. It then reacts with oxygen and leads to the chemical destruction of the ozone layer. the release of chlorofluorocarbons is said to have depleted 80% of the ozone layer. harmful ultraviolet rays are entering directly in the atmosphere raising the temperature and changing the climate fastly all over the world.

While the rapid rate of climate change is caused by humans. Humans are also the ones who can combat it if we work to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources like solar and wind which do not produce greenhouse gas emissions. By doing this We might be able to prevent some of the worst effects of climate change all over the world.