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Some Strategies to Help Study Faster

Great strategy for studying is to take your notes and just completely rewrite them. This helps you to learn material in multiple ways since you are reading, writing, and constantly thinking about the material. This strategy works best for me when I have to study for tests that require learning many concepts, instead of memorization. If you just rewrite your notes a few times over, you will find that you learned a lot about the material you are rewriting, without even thinking about it.

For studying mathematics and science, the best strategy for me is to just spend as much time as possible doing the hardest problems of the material I’m studying. Learning math and science is usually just all about practice, and there doesn’t seem to be any substitute for spending time doing multiple problems. Spend as much time as you need on each problem until you fully understand it, or else you may have wasted your time even looking at it in the first place. Studying for math and science can be tedious unfortunately, but that’s just the nature of those subjects.

Studying really isn’t that much of a chore once you learn how to do it the right way. If you can apply these studying strategies to your sessions, then you will find you can learn a lot more in a lot less time. You just have to find what strategies work best for you and then apply them, and don’t give up.