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Get Through School Easy

Heck work did not help either, I finally almost began giving up socially just to keep up in school.

It all caught up to me one day, my grades seemed average and I pulled a nice all nighter for a final. And then I FAILED.

It was a horrible feeling, you know that feeling where you never want to talk or see anyone again? I had never really felt this way before, telling my parents who had helped get me to my school was the worst part. My friends all laughed and joked with me.

I decided I was sick of it and hit the books. The whole next semester I ignored almost everything just to study learn, and get the best in my subject.

I got a B in the class and was feeling pretty good about myself, until I walked by a man on my way out of class.

This kid was one of your average looking kids, not scrawny or nerdy. But definitely not some intimidating guy. He had a few buds around them and was telling them how he had aced his test.

This put a bit of a damper on my spirits but I tried to ignore it. The next part is what really got me.

This kid began talking about the cruise he had gone on, the activities he had done, all in that semester.